Something magical happens when we put pen to paper...

Focus your energy and tap in every day to amplify self love, and spark action, clarity, and creativity.

What's inside?

  • Space to Release Anxiety

    Once you can see it, you can organize, prioritize, and take action.

  • Powerful Affirmations

    Un-limit your beliefs each day with a new thought/affirmation to ponder.

  • Writing Rituals

    New thoughts lead to new actions and new habits. Putting pen to paper will allow you to release the new version of you.

The SOUL POWER 14 day MIND SHIFT Journal is for you if.........

  • You're anxious, scattered and stuck right now. The powerful writing prompts will help you to focus and get an overview of the present moment.

  • You are craving structure.......Having an enjoyable ritual will give you peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment.

  • you want to challenge yourself to dig deeper.