SOULshift 2020 CONTINUES !

SPEAKEASY--Our latest transformation experience will teach you how to use your voice to create profit and impact

The session will take place in a PRIVATE Facebook group. It's sacred space for us to create powerful connections and life changing shifts. REGISTER NOW and join us!

It happens TUESDAY JAN 28th

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  • How can I bring authenticity and magic to the microphone?

  • What kinds of opportunities can I create for myself in media today?

  • How can I learn to speak with confidence?

LISTEN: There's over 50 YEARS of radio experience between us! We have ANSWERS

We've got secrets, answers, and tricks of the trade for you!

Nikki Thomas

Nikki Thomas

Nikki Thomas

SOUL centered radio host, coach, and speaker

NIKKI THOMAS is a SOUL CENTERED radio host, life coach, speaker, AND Emcee. She uses her unique combination of skills and talents to Motivate and Empower women. She's the creator of the SOUL YOGA PROJECT--offering accessible, affordable yoga to communities nationwide, and SOUL POWER Academy--a transformative online business and branding  school for women. Follow her everywhere on social media: @NikkiThomasTV