Hey! My name is Nikki Thomas. I'm a SOUL centered radio host, speaker, and certified yoga instructor!

Spirit + Strategy:

This is an interesting time to say the least. Use this time to create RITUAL and STRATEGY so that you can spark your greatness. In this Spiritual Self Care Bundle, you get my SOUL YOGA PROJECT video (*for beginners) AND an SOUL POWER e-book PLUS BONUSES.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The SOUL POWER Morning Motivation Ritual

    • How to Use the MIND/BODY bundle

    • Nikki's Morning Motivation Mix (with CJ Flash)!

    • SOUL YOGA starter's guide

    • SOUL YOGA Beginners Video

    • The SOULPOWER ebook

    • Mindset Makeover Workbook

  • 2

    The SOUL POWER BONUS videos!

    • SOUL YOGA morning stretch (before you even get out of bed!)

    • SOUL YOGA at your desk!

    • SOUL YOGA for that time of the month (Ladies) !


    • BONUS VIDEO: 5 Ways to Get into Your Genius Zone

Here is what you'll find inside

If you need....

  • Ritual

    A consistent spiritual practice is absolutely necessary! The SOUL POWER Mind/Body Bundle gives you the tools to create a daily ritual that will sustain you in reaching your spiritual, mental, financial and emotional goals.

  • Motivation

    When you quickly need to set the tone for the day, press play on the MOTIVATION MIX ! This uplifting playlist is accompanied by AFFIRMATIONS and a positive word for your day.

  • Spark

    You know how truly GREAT you are! But sometimes...we forget. The SOUL POWER e-book is full of spiritual nuggets and reminders of the true you.